Dark-Sky Reserve

Glanleam is part of the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve, which has been designated Ireland’s FIRST International Dark Sky Reserve by the International Dark-Sky Association (www.darksky.org).

Even better the Kerry International Dark Skies Reserve, which covers a area of approximately 700 km sq, has been awarded to be one of only 3 GOLD TIER Reserves on the planet, and the only GOLD TIER Reserve in the Northern Hemisphere. The GOLD TIER is an honour reserved for the darkest of dark skies and the most stunning of starscapes with SQM readings of over 21 in the core area corresponding to a naked eye limiting magnitude of below 7. The fascinating band of Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy, Star Clusters and Nebula’s are just some of the naked eye wonders to clearly see without the aid of any astronomical equipment or filters – all of these are invisible from most towns and cities due to light pollution.

The Natural Night Sky Inspires

Until recently, for all of human history, our ancestors experienced a sky brimming with stars – a night sky and its celestial bodies that inspired science, religion, philosophy, art and literature.

The natural night sky is our common and universal heritage, the nighttime environment is a precious natural resource for all life on Earth. In terms of ecopsychology viewing the celestial bodies at night has a positive impact on wellbeing and can even lead to transformation.

Experiencing the night sky provides perspective, inspiration, and leads us to reflect on our humanity and place in the universe. The history of scientific discovery and even human curiosity itself is indebted to the natural night sky.

And it’s for everybody, young, old, novice, beginner, advanced and specialist – everybody enjoys stargazing.

If you would like a guided stargazing experience, learn all about the constellations, their ancient stories, how to find them, locate popular stars, planets, Nebula’s, star clusters and other galaxies then you need Julie Ormonde, the heart and soul of Kerry International Dark Skies Reserve. You can book ‘a stargazing experience’ with Julie through us or contact Julie directly through her website www.kerrydarksky.com